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My Z in it’s natural habitat the parking garage workshop.

Not a bad spot actually, out of the sun and the rain, lights at night and practically no one uses it…

Yeah dude it’s perfect, during the week it’s gotten pretty busy since the new dorms and more students, but on the weekends the 4 floor is a ghost town. And no need to worry about weather or sun light. It’s quite nice.

parking garage work ftw! spill as much fluid as you like.

probably should have gone to h2oi

did nothing this weekend had the money car is fine why didnt i h2oi



Stock E90 tries to drift, slams into curb, slides up hill and down into a pole.

Don’t know who was driving, but it looked like a guy might have let a friend drive it, and then this happened. All parties were shaken up, but seemed to be ok.


its a bmw again

My cold air intake has some rust spots, so i called aFe and they just up and shipped me a brand new housing. 

The first rep i talked to asked me if i bought the intake, and i said no (it came installed on my car). He told to just lie to the next tech and say that I got it on eBay and didn’t have my receipt. It was great, and it totally worked.

I don’t even know how old that intake is.





Holy fuck, there is this chick who rides a bicycle to school and I’ll end up behind her every so often and holy shit, fuck her! She goes fucking 15 in a 30 on a one-lane and refuses to use the sidewalk. Fist of all, if you ride a bike like that and…

  1. I understand that it is not okay to ride on the sidewalk
  2. No, cyclists do not potentially have more of a right to be on public roads than motorists
  3. There are roads that are actually reasonable to cycle on; two lane roads, roads with bicycle lanes, roads with speed limits 25mph or under
  4. If you cannot take a 125cc motorcycle on the highway, why the fuck are you cycling on a 45mph highway
  5. Stop being a pretentious prick, cycling has a time and a place, and it’s entire goal is not to block fucking traffic, that’s just rude as hell

Legally, none of that is true. Except when it comes to interstates, obviously you shouldn’t bike on 95. 

Why does it make me a pretentious prick to want to feel safe while 100% obeying the law? 

I understand, the girl in question probably could have pulled to the side and let all the cars go every so often. But she does have the right to be there. I was just ranting out against the whole motorist attitude of hating cyclists. Personally I’d either choose another road or let some people go every so often, but id hope the ones that had to wait would understand.



Holy fuck, there is this chick who rides a bicycle to school and I’ll end up behind her every so often and holy shit, fuck her! She goes fucking 15 in a 30 on a one-lane and refuses to use the sidewalk. Fist of all, if you ride a bike like that and refuse to use the decent empty sidewalk you can eat a dick, I already hate you. Second, don’t play motorist on yoy fucking bike when it’s convenient and then play bicyclists when you get to a red light. Fuck. You.

But she will fucking go super slow and not let the line of cars she has stopped pass her at any point. When everyone finally does pass her and we get to a light that she made us catch, she will roll up past everyone and fucking try to get in the front again. Like fuck you you fucking fuck. And she doesn’t even seem to be malicious about it. She just has this selfritious attitude and thinks she has the fucking right to be an uncourteous bitch. Fuck you. Fucking fuckity fuck you. End rant.

Sounds like the general cyclist attitude. Like, congratulations you’re being “efficient” and “saving the environment”, but some of us have somewhere to be and have no time or patience for your bullshit.

Cyclists absolutely have as much right to be on that road as you (if not more). They can take up the whole fucking thing if they want. If they’re riding to the side, theyre doing you a favor. Also, biking on the side walk is illegal and dangerous, so you’re damn right she refuses to use the sidewalk. You guys need to step it back a notch. Drivers that rage like you guys are the same ones that have cut me off, almost killed me, etc. Being on a bike is scary shit. If someone hits you, you dont have 3000lbs of metal to protect you. And everyone is trying to kill you because they’re too god damn impatient to wait to pass you. Next time think about how it feels to have to worry about being killed because someone was late for work, or just decided they hated you.

I’ve been hit before because someone didnt want to wait (luckily it only knocked me off my bike). I’ve had things thrown at me, etc. Most motorists would hit me and not even stop. Every bike accident ive heard of was a hit and run. I know someone who broke his hip and lost his job because of a hit and run on a bike. A friend of a friend just died because of a hit and run on a bike.

sorry rant but i have so many feels on this topic

A few shots of the new enclosure i just built for Alice.

6’x2’x18”. Made from melamine. Eventually ill make a video about it, once i get all the electronics in it. A shit ton of work went into this and I want to talk about all the cool stuff. Eventually the arduino is going to be controlling the fan and an ambient heater, maybe the flexwatt & a misting pump too. I have plenty of relays. Was thinking about adding a raspi web server too, i could have a live feed for temps & video :D. Not like i really need them, but it’ll be cool.

Look at this fat lump btw:



Lumpy dumpling.  I love this lumpy dumpling.  He is my best friend.

bean is the most high quality fauna i have ever seen


Industrial goth dance groups are having a good time

Okay I think I’m definitely getting Android now.




Some band named U2 managed to download their entire album to every single iPhone with the cloud. At first I thought it was just a joke and then I opened I tunes and look what I found….


I have never heard of these dudes….

Wait are you serious, that you’ve never heard of U2? Or is this a troll, cause if its. Ya got me.

Never heard. 

I love how the artists symbol here is bono’s fucking face.
Apple has some weird love connection with U2. Anyone remember the U2 ipod?


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gt zedds are the business

Smart went crazy, but where did you go?

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playing in leaves is fun.

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The Northern Cascades, Washington State



The Northern Cascades, Washington State


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