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until the bass cradles her back to sleep


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A few shots of the new enclosure i just built for Alice.

6’x2’x18”. Made from melamine. Eventually ill make a video about it, once i get all the electronics in it. A shit ton of work went into this and I want to talk about all the cool stuff. Eventually the arduino is going to be controlling the fan and an ambient heater, maybe the flexwatt & a misting pump too. I have plenty of relays. Was thinking about adding a raspi web server too, i could have a live feed for temps & video :D. Not like i really need them, but it’ll be cool.

Look at this fat lump btw:



Lumpy dumpling.  I love this lumpy dumpling.  He is my best friend.

bean is the most high quality fauna i have ever seen


Industrial goth dance groups are having a good time

Okay I think I’m definitely getting Android now.




Some band named U2 managed to download their entire album to every single iPhone with the cloud. At first I thought it was just a joke and then I opened I tunes and look what I found….


I have never heard of these dudes….

Wait are you serious, that you’ve never heard of U2? Or is this a troll, cause if its. Ya got me.

Never heard. 

I love how the artists symbol here is bono’s fucking face.
Apple has some weird love connection with U2. Anyone remember the U2 ipod?


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gt zedds are the business

Smart went crazy, but where did you go?

Played — 22 times
Trackname — Smart Went Crazy
Artist — Atmosphere
Album — You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having

playing in leaves is fun.

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3:30am: intense urge to shave my head.
Whenever I feel like this (whatever this is, some weird ocd/anxiety thing) I make the mistake of messing with my hair in the back of my head. If something doesn’t feel right (it never does because my brain is fucking with me) I have the intense urge to cut/remove that hair somehow. Because of this, I keep my scissors in areas that are really hard to get to (behind a dresser..). The only cure is to buzz my head entirely so theres nothing to touch. Either that or fight the urge to touch my head all together, but the minute I stop thinking about it, my hand ends up there. So either way is bullhockey

it's bullhockey
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The Northern Cascades, Washington State



The Northern Cascades, Washington State


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just because i solved a lot of problems today

trying out some camera angles

serious face

helmet cam shots toward the end of quite the downpour

Went camping over the weekend with the z4. Twas great. 

Obligatory car pictures.





grassy snuggles

I must find this grass and take a nap in it!! It looks like a fluffy ocean

real talk are you in whoville

real talk yes